On Loose Ends 1

The last few posts covered some of the management theory on which I drew through my career. It is no doubt far from comprehensive but I want now to move on to write about some of my experience as manager and some of my reflections about that experience. Some of these pieces were written a good few years ago, as may become apparent.

On loose ends

Today, I became involved in a long discussion with a NACRO manager who seemed to be coping with absurd budgetary difficulties and a hundred agendas with no visible support. As a result I missed a Probation Liaison Committee and am now uneasy about what happened there. I also haven’t had time to deal with some proposed staff allocations to my division which would seem to leave us seriously short compared with other divisions. The morning had seen a discussion with our race issues officer about 2 ancillary posts that I am shortly to advertise. Job descriptions need to be re-written.

How should we manage all this unfinished business, all the untidy loose ends? I think one of the aspects of a recent Home Office inspection that was hard to take was envy of the simplicity of the inspector’s task. A time limited exercise with a beginning and an end – what a luxury and how difficult to connect with my work experience. In one of my discussions with an inspector, I was reduced to the rather futile but angry retort that I wasn’t running a research project. I was of course wasting my breath!



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