Organisational Readiness for Change


In the last few years of my career, the serendipitous amalgam of management theories that I had collected over the previous 30 odd year were brought into a more coherent framework by the work of the Texas Christian University. They analysed the available evidence about organisational effectiveness and framed them into a tool for organisational development called “ORC”. The material about this is readily available on the internet. (

It has four sub-scales:

  • motivational needs / pressures for change including staff programme and training needs
  • resources – including office, staffing, training and supervision, and internet provision
  • staff attributes including growth, efficacy, adaptability, satisfaction
  • organisational climate including shared mission, staff cohesion, autonomy. Communication, stress management and propensity to change

Here was an evidence-based audit framework that helps managers and staff in organisations to identify strengths and weaknesses and thereby focus attention where effectiveness is most likely to be enhanced. Completion of the audit generates a graph that can be compared to benchmarks derived from other organisations that have used the same instrument.


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