Becoming a manager – 18 months to 3 years 1

My notes about  the second phase of my learning as a manager were as follows:

  1. Survived – 18 months to 3 years

Dependence – greater conscious dependence and fear of independence.

More possible to act – anxiety of moving for fear of returning to conditions in phase a above.

Case discussions avoided – hard to face rivalry.

Gradual discovery of me. My discovery of HQ.

Anger as depression

Fortunately, life became easier after the first 18 months. The feeling of tension was still there and some ‘fights’ continued without much progress. Two or three of the original more resistant team members had reached the ability to tolerate me, in part because they were now a minority in the team of newer staff and in a team where I had established a good partnership with the senior administrative worker. I am interested to see how my earlier notes had highlighted the issue of the secretarial staff within the ‘growth’ phase post 3 years into the role. That was perhaps true in the sense of seeing secretarial staff as part of the work with our clients, but I did from the beginning have a belief that I needed to be as much a manager of support staff as I was of the caseworkers.



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