Grandiose v Insignificant 4

The dichotomy between the grandiose and the insignificant, and the associated anxieties, also got into the relationship between the various agencies involved in the Bereavement Project, and was reflected in the management committee of the project. The project was initiated in 1979 by a social worker from the local authority and myself, a social worker with the FWA. Our agency was new in the area and there was already some concern about rivalry with the local authority. We were not receiving referrals from them despite the apparent workload pressure on the local authority. They felt that the cases that were appropriate to refer were the rewarding ones which they would want to keep to themselves. Shortly after the initiating of the project, the local authority colleague left the area and for a number of reasons it was not possible to replace him for a few months. The project came increasingly to be seen as an FWA project, and indeed was entered in a local directory of services under the FWA heading. Even though a local authority social worker became closely involved in the training and support of the volunteers, it seemed increasingly difficult for the Social Services Dept to feel responsible for the survival and development of the project through the management committee. Those from other agencies on the management committee had similar difficulty in sharing this management responsibility, adopting a passive role and missing meetings.


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