Integrating psychodynamic and cognitive approaches

The evidence I think supports a framework in which psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural approaches together make for effective delivery. To oversimplify, it appears that psychodynamics are useful in order to understand a human problem and to inform the creation of a facilitating environment, whilst cognitive behavioural approaches provide tools for intervention and change. This makes sense of the way in which cognitive behavioural interventions display better outcomes than psychodynamic interventions on the one hand, and of the evidence that the way in which interventions are applied is of more significance for positive outcomes than the nature of the intervention itself. The quality of ‘argument’ between worker and client is informed by psychodynamic insights and the focus of the ‘argument’ by cognitive behavioural approaches.

At the same time as my understanding was becoming more flexible and responsive to the evidence, I was also taking a particular interest in attachment theory. The next group of posts reproduce an article I published about this time in my career.


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