Chapter 41

A day or two later, Miss Marple received a letter from Mr Rafael’s solicitors so she went off to see them in London. She found that having solved his mystery, she had inherited a large sum of money. She shocked the solicitors by insisting it went into her current account. ‘I’m going to spend it, you know. I’m going to have some fun with it!’

She did two things to start with, She bought a large greenhouse that would fit in her garden and enable the children to work on the project in all weathers. She also arranged for a coach trip to
houses and gardens or Europe for her companions from what she called the ‘Nemesis tour’.

Of course, life was not always plain sailing. She did occasionally relapse, usually at some social event involving Dolly Bantry but there were always people around to pick her up again. The garden project involved more and more of the village and other people brought their gardens into the project so that the church was always supplied with flowers and the greengrocer with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Marjorie Hubbard and Miss Marple were in and out of each other’s houses constantly, and if you had watched them closely, you might have discovered that on some evenings they did not return to their own homes.

Lucy and Mrs McGillicuddy said that the book was right when it said that recovering addicts can be ‘better than well’!


The End!


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