Chapter 40

The day before Mrs McGillicuddy was to go home, Miss Marple confided that she was frightened. She feared that once she was alone with her old village life she would go back to the old ways.

Remembering what she had read at the start of this journey that change involved a whole culture not just an individual’s change, Mrs McGillicuddy suggested they went to see the Rev Mr Clement. They found him contrite about failing to see what was going on in the village. Sherry had been banned from the vicarage!

He had been delighted to hear of Miss Marple’s school project and they discussed whether this could become a way of strengthening the alcohol-free life of the village. He thought the Sunday School and youth club might look after the garden during weekends and school holidays This would bring more adults from the village into the project. The vicarage garden had areas that could be developed and they thought an annual flower festival in the Church would be a real attraction.

Miss Marple returned home in positive mood. She decided she had a plan to manage:
– Daily rituals of stress release, diary keeping and self commands where needed

– Do a deal with Marjorie Hubbard so that she could call on her when she felt lost

– Building the garden project to help the village

– Sitting sessions with Diane for her portrait
And of course Mrs McGillicuddy and Lucy were just at the end of a phone.


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