Chapter 38

A few days later, Mrs McGillicuddy received a letter announcing that the puzzle was solved and the murderer had committed suicide after exposure by Miss Marple. Miss Marple was therefore saying goodbye to the friends in the coach party and coming home.

Lucy decided she would visit, so that she could review Miss Marple’s progress with her and discuss some psychological techniques that Miss Marple might find useful. She decided on two elements.

First of all, she spent time talking to Miss Marple about ‘self commands’. This was something to use when she found herself slipping back into old self defeatist patterns of thinking – such as ‘I’ll  upset Dolly Bantry if I refuse to have a drink with her’. She also taught Mrs McGillicuddy the technique and left them to practice its application. The book gave them step by step guidance so that their practice could be well focussed.

Secondly, Lucy thought she should talk to Miss Marple about constructing her personal story. Again she included Mrs McGillicuddy in this and they were given homework to answer the six questions set out in the relevant section of the book:

Who was I pre addiction?

Who did I become when I was addicted?

Why me?

How and why did I stop?

Who am I now?

Where am I going and what do I do to get there?
The plan was to construct a personal story that supported her self esteem and recovery.


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