Chapter 37

Mrs Mc Gillicuddy and her niece met up for tea and cakes whilst Miss Marple was away. Lucy pointed out how well this trip fitted with the book’s description of the four core activities for the
recovering addict.
1. ‘Centring rituals’: the regular conversations about the recovery journey, the daily discipline of writing letters to Mrs McGillicuddy and Lucy were both activities of this kind.
2. ‘Mirroring rituals’: Miss Marple’s respect for Miss Barrow and Professor Wanstead especially meant she was obviously drawing on their experience and wisdom. The constant contact with the other members of the coach party and the growing corporate sense of the group working together fitted well with the book’s description of this core activity.
3. ‘Self – constructing behaviours’: Miss Marple had clearly shared her story with other members of the party, and the puzzle Mr Rafael had set was also helping to shift the focus
of Miss Marple’s life away from drink.
4. ‘Acts of Service’: Miss Marple was clearly enjoying her role in helping the coach party to gel as a group, and she took a bit of a lead in visiting Miss Temple in hospital and in supporting Mrs Sandbourne with the practical consequences for the tour of Miss Temple’s accident.

Raymond was playing his part in all this, helping with Mr Rafael’s puzzle, ensuring that Miss Marple took daily exercise and that she did not get overtired. Miss Marple was now sure that she must solve the murder of young Rafael’s sweetheart.


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