Chapter 34

A few mornings later, a letter arrived for Miss Marple from Mr Rafael’s solicitor, Mr Rafael had sadly died. Miss Marple was prepared for that news ā€“ he had been very frail, though spirited in the Caribbean. What she was not ready for was the bequest. She was left a very large sum of money but the condition was that she should undertake a coach trip that Mr Rafael had arranged, and solve a mystery. She went to the solicitor to check the details and found it was quite true. She felt obliged in Mr Rafael’s memory to go through with the plan. Mrs McGillicuddy was not free and so Raymond was enlisted to accompany her.

Having read a really interesting section of the book about the importance of symbols to support recovery, Mrs McGillicuddy decided to give Miss Marple a present to take with her on the trip. It needed to be something that would remind her of her recovery so she arranged for a little photograph to be taken of the children from the local school who were going to work in her garden. One of the children gave her a little round polished stone as a present for Miss Marple and so this was added to the little parcel with a card with all the children’s names.

Knowing that Miss Marple had been an avid listener to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, she also bought her a towel with the words ‘Don’t Panic’ embroidered on to it.


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