Chapter 32

Miss Marple returned to St Mary Mead having agreed for Mrs McGillicuddy to come and stay with her again to help her get back to normality. She was full of excitement about the murders in the spa and her work with Mr Rafael to solve them, so St Mary Mead seemed a little lacklustre by comparison? The book wrote about the need for change in the ‘Interpersonal’ zone. This meant Miss Marple would need to rebuild her social and family relationships in a way disconnected from the drinking culture. Marjorie Hubbard was especially helpful, having faced the same problem. She said that her first hope had been that she would just be able to carry on with her old friendships but with more will power to resist the temptation to drink. This had proved unsuccessful, forcing her to approach relationships in a new way.

First of all, she told her family they must talk openly about the issue of her drinking – there were to be no secret hushed conversations. If they were uneasy about something, they were to say.
Secondly, she thought she should do something active to create different kinds of relationship. To help with this she worked in the local charity shop. In Miss Marple’s case, she knew she was fond of her garden but might there be a way of developing that interest differently? Perhaps a project with the local primary school, or a church based group to promote health through locally grown produce from people’s gardens?


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