Chapter 30

Mrs McGillicuddy was a bit relieved when Jane flew off to the Caribbean. The last few weeks had been hard work. Lucy had been brilliant in providing support and practical help but she still felt the strain and truth to tell had had to alter her own drinking habits too!

She knew however that the journey was still in its early stages and there was still much to tackle. She returned to the book. The physiological and the psychological ‘zone’ of change had been
much discussed – now she was faced with the ‘spiritual’ the ‘interpersonal’ and the lifestyle zones of change. There was of course a fair degree of overlap between these ‘zones’ but it was useful to think about them so that she and Jane Marple were not diverted by one particular aspect of the change process. It would have been easy to put too much focus for example on the sadness regarding her wartime loss.

Postcards came from the Caribbean and Miss McGillicuddy was not surprised to see that Miss Marple and Mr Rafael had got involved in solving a murder at the health spa. One advantage of
this, she thought, was that Miss Marple’s mental skills would be put to good use, an important issue for the future. She would need to create a lifestyle in which her brain was active and engaged if she were not to relapse into the old ways…..not that she could lay on a series of murders simply for Miss Marple’s benefit!



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