Chapter 28

The next day, when Mrs McGillicuddy and Miss Marple returned in triumph from the Crackenthorpe’s, having trapped Dr Quimper into admitting his guilt, they found a letter from Mr
Rafael. This was an invitation to Miss Marple to join him for a couple of weeks in what was in fact a health spa. “Oh dear….. I couldn’t ……” hesitated Miss Marple. “Now my dear, I am sure this is just what Dr Haydock would order for you,” said Mrs McGillicuddy. “Let’s see what he thinks.” The good doctor of course said that she must go and it was just what she needed, so an acceptance was sent back to Mr Rafael.

This was an ideal next step since it gave Miss Marple a break from the social round in St Mary Mead with all its temptations. It meant that she would be in an alcohol free culture with Mr Rafael who was teetotal. Her body could adapt to the effects of abstinence from alcohol and in an environment where any sleep problems could be addressed supportively. Miss Marple would also get help with what positive actions to take to promote her health and fitness appropriate to her years.

The book had a useful checklist of issues to be addressed and a copy of this was made for Miss Marple to take with her to the Caribbean, which is where she would meet Mr Rafael.

In the meantime, they gave much thought to healthy nutrition at home.


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