Chapter 27

And so Miss Marple and Mrs McGillicuddy sat down together later that day and over the next few days, reviewing what needed to change and how they might go about making those changes.
They also discussed the progress of the Crackenthorpe case, which was very helpful because it reminded Miss Marple of where she was more capable and skilled than Mrs McGillicuddy. Despite her confusion when she met Inspector Craddock, the case was nearly solved and she recruited Mrs McGillicuddy into a plan to expose the murderer.

The first job was to help Miss Marple to disengage from culture of addiction in the village. This of course was not easy but two or three ideas emerged. First of all, her drinks cabinet would be
removed – it could be brought back if she were holding a social gathering that she felt must include the offer of alcoholic drinks. Then, she would take Marjorie Hubbard into her confidence since Marjorie had undertaken a similar disengagement from the drinking village a little while ago. Also, since visits to Gossington Hall were a prime occasion for drinking, she would invite Dolly Bantry over to Danemead Cottage instead. Then it would be easier to have non alcoholic drinks to accompany their gossiping.

It turned out that Diana’s husband had had success with Rev Lionel Clement, or rather Mrs Clement had taken up the cudgels and where she led, Rev Lionel tended to follow. Mrs Clement
popped round to see Miss Marple and promised to help.



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