Chapter 25

Lucy launched out.

“The truth is Miss Marple, you are dealing with a problem that people often want to solve either alone or in some private therapy. In fact, people very rarely recover in that way – it is almost always a process that has to happen with other people. In my treatment service, we sometimes make the mistake of imagining that we need to write a treatment plan and get the client to implement it – you will need to have a plan for recovery and there are ways of helping you think about that, but it has to be your plan. As a professional, I have some responsibilities of course – I can help your plan be informed by what works and by what I know about your issues. For example, we tend not to talk any more about ‘treatment plans’ but about ‘recovery plans’ just because people need a broader strategy for getting better than just what happens in any treatment process. I also have to be responsible for assessing any risks there may be – for example in your case, there would be a question of whether you have other medical conditions that might affect the recovery plan or, since you live alone, whether there are supports available to help you through any difficult patches as you recover. You would also have to think about your driving – you have not always been safe you know!”

Miss Marple nodded miserably and a tear ran down her cheek.


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