Chapter 24

As the book said however, most people are impelled into treatment by a crisis. Mrs McGillicuddy was wondering how this might apply to Miss Marple, when she heard her come in from the Crackenthorpes. Things had been getting a bit lively up there and this afternoon, Miss Marple had been meeting Inspector Craddock to share her ideas. Instead of coming into the lounge with a smile of triumph, however, Miss Marple slumped into a chair, only pausing briefly by the drinks cabinet to pour herself a large G+T.

When she was eventually persuaded to talk about what had happened, it turned out that the meeting had been a disaster and Miss Marple had completely lost the thread of what she had
wanted to say. She had muddled up Cedric and Harold, and kept calling Dr Quimper, ‘Haydock’. “I must be sickening for something”, she said……….

Mrs McGillicuddy seized the moment. She was strengthened by the book’s comment about the need to put to one side the natural wish of a helper to try and reduce pain, but to focus on
maintaining the intensity of the pain to encourage motivation to change.

Not that much went in, given Miss Marple’s inebriated state but both Lucy and Mrs McGillicuddy followed the talk up the next morning, as Miss Marple battled with a headache! Instead of denial and outrage, which they had feared, they found Miss Marple knew she was drinking too much and was ready to talk.


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