Chapter 16

When Lucy had found a body in the outhouse at Crackenthorpe Hall, she suddenly appeared at Danemead Cottage to see Jane. She was feeling understandably nervous and shocked. Should she carry on at the Hall? With all the drug dealing business she had unearthed, she felt she was now at considerable risk.

They discussed the problem at length and Mrs McGillicuddy, armed with the insights from her book started to ask some questions about how the drug business worked. Lucy thought that the physical movement and storage of drugs was kept away from Crackenthorpe Hall so that this would be a safe haven for the family, a place where they could present themselves as normal socially acceptable people. She did not think therefore that the murder had anything to do with the drugs business.

Her only doubts concerned Dr Quimper, the family doctor (not Dr Haydock they noted), who she thought must have some knowledge of the source of the family’s money. Lucy was sure that Emma Crackenthorpe was in love with Dr Quimper but also that she had no idea what her brothers (and father?) were up to.

Clearly, the discovery of the body would make the family very nervous, so they decided that Lucy should leave. Jane decided she would try and worm her way in, in her place. The family would already be making sure that no connection could be made between the murder enquiry and their real business activity


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