Chapter 15

There was a section of the book that Miss McGillicuddy knew she had skipped over. It was not a subject about which she felt on safe ground herself. She realised that she would have to face up to this now. It was an odd thing really – when she spoke to that nice young policeman, ‘Robbie’ Lewis, she knew his boss was always falling in love with his suspects and witnesses, but never had this issue seemed to arise for Jane Marple. She could see that sexual feelings and identity would be a significant part of Miss Hinchcliffe’s engagement with the world, but Jane Marple?

Perhaps it was like the family – a dog that did not bark in the night? The lack of any evidence of sexuality and sexual emotion was the remarkable thing. Could it be that Jane Marple was ‘gay’, as they said these days, and that she had hidden this from the world and perhaps herself?

But then there was that young soldier who died in the war…….Had that loss killed off emotions in her and helped push her towards drink to mask the sense of loss and futility? As she mused, this seemed all too likely. Take away the drink and might this sense of loss with so much that is irrevocable at Janeಬs current age, come flooding back? It is good she had made herself think about this – it would be so easy to go blundering in Janeಬs life without knowing what she was stirring up!


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