Chapter 11

The vicar was of course the high priest of the drinking community, though no doubt he would have been shocked to hear it. New arrivals were quickly indoctrinated into the benefits of the sherry party, and of the village supporters of the church, access to whose homes was always alcohol lubricated. The tee total Methodists were regarded with the deepest suspicion by the Vicar, who thought their attitude to alcohol was most peculiar and certainly without any theological foundation.

The whole village was agog at the arrival of the film star, Marina Gregg into the community. She introduced a whole new level of glamorous alcohol consumption and the pockets of the Blue Boar
landlord did well from the orders of champagne that emanated from the Gregg house. There were of course those who believed that Marina Gregg’s relationship with the Crackenthorpe family was a bit odd, but Lucy’s recent discoveries shed a new light on what might have fuelled such an unlikely friendship.

Basil Blake and Dinah Lee were of course the weekend partying types, but they were somewhat detached from the mainstream village community, though they seemed to have a soft spot for Jane Marple after the body in the library incident, and she would find herself at the Blake house for a drink or two with surprising frequency. Blake too was a regular visitor at Crackenthorpe Hall it turned out, and Lucy did not think the calls were borne of affection.


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