Chapter 9

Since it was now obvious to Mrs McGillicuddy that she was not just facing the task of helping Jane Marple out of addiction, but with changing a whole community and lifestyle to support recovery, she realised that she needed to understand the key characters in the community, and the next chapter of the book seemed to provide the framework for this – ‘key cultural roles’. She had spent a couple of weeks getting to know the villagers with Miss Marple, at some risk it might be said to her own liver.

She started a card file index:
Dealers; High Priests; Storytellers; Medicine men and midwives; Jailhouse lawyers; Ambassadors; Addict with money or fame; Working class addict; Weekend players; The crazies; The marks; The ‘man’; The snitches; The protectors; The profiteer
Just writing out the list made Mrs McGillicuddy feel faint and discouraged. But she had to see whether the book’s account could be evidenced from the people of the village. First she started to put names against the roles:
High Priests – the Vicar, Leonard Clement
Storytellers – Mr Petherick the solicitor, Dr Haydock
Medicine men and midwives – Miss Hinchcliffe
Jailhouse lawyers – Colonel Bantry
Ambassadors – Jane MarpleAddict with money and fame – Marina Gregg
Weekend players – Basil Blake and Dinah Lee
The marks – Miss Murgatroyd
The snitches – Colonel Protheroe and Marta Price-Ridley
The protectors – Dolly Bantry
The profiteer – the landlord of the Blue Boar pub
The Man – the Methodist minister

Not all perfect fits she thought, but close enough


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