The 4.50 from Addiction Chapter 1

Mrs McGillicuddy panted along the platform in the wake of the porter carrying her suitcase. Mrs McGillicuddy was short and stout, and the porter was tall and free striding. The race was therefore an uneven one and the porter turned the corner at the end of the platform whilst Mrs McGillicuddy was still coming up the straight. She was sadly out of breath.


The porter retrieved her suitcase and installed her in her coach in solitary splendour. She settled herself back on the plush cushions with a sigh. Her mind wandered to her good friend, Miss Marple. She was worried about her. She had been in her mind as she sipped her G+T at the hotel after lunch. As the Watson to her friend’s Sherlock, she saw the furtive disposal of empty bottles, the succession of rather dim and incompetent maids, the increasing vagueness.


Could her niece help? What does she do at the addiction charity? She realised she had no idea.


As the train rolled through the suburbs, her eyes began to droop when she saw a book abandoned on the seat opposite. She picked it up and began to browse. ‘The culture of addiction’, she read. Who was it that released the safety on his Browning when he heard the word ‘culture’? She read on. ’The culture of addiction is a way of life, a means of organising one’s daily existence….’


She reached for her flask….

*The book is “Pathways from the culture of addiction to the culture of recovery ” by William T White. It is a book that every addiction treatment worker should know backwards. I hope this story will give you a good introduction to it if it is not known to you.


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